Do you want to see our used cars for sale?

Do you want to see our used cars for sale?

Calhoun Auto Service & Sales

With the maturity and support that more than 20 years of experience has given us, we work every day to provide the best service and be faithful to the good quality and support that characterize us.

Overall mechanics:

At Calhoun Auto Service & Sales, we can solve any need related to the general operation of your vehicle.

Alignment and Balance:

The alignment results in a car with greater grip and useful life of the tires, precise steering, improves the performance of the car in reducing fuel consumption and is done to balance the weight of each tire on your vehicle.

Oil change:

Oil reduces friction and controls engine temperature. Change the oil often to ensure the performance and life of your engine.


Calhoun Auto Service & Sales

has become

a workshop with an excellent name, reception and credibility; counting on a prepared team, specialized technicians and a strategic location, we offer the best service for any type and brand of vehicle.


Synchronization allows you to revitalize the engine, preserving it and ensuring its maximum performance. In this important parts such as filters and spark plugs are changed, and additionally the engine injectors and other important components are cleaned.


Your vehicle's suspension and steering system absorbs all the bumps in the road, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. Checking the suspension is important for your safety.


The brakes of your car are one of the most important parts. Their correct operation and maintenance are important to avoid accidents and unnecessary repairs that can be costly.

Special Diagnosis:

If your vehicle experiences problems, we have specialized checkup and diagnostic teams to resolve any failure.


Maintenance, repair and change of all kinds of e exhausts and catalysts for your vehicle.

Electric service:

Calhoun Auto Service & Sales can provide an excellent electrical service for your vehicle with highly qualified personnel to check lights in general, check for shorts, ignition coils, starter, alternator, regulator, wiring maintenance, cooling hoses, electric pumps, check battery, electrical terminals, etc.

Motor repair:

At Calhoun Auto Service & Sales you can find the right place to receive your engine maintenance and repair service in the most professional way on the market.

Calhoun Auto Service & Sales

More than 20 years of experience